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Strategic Market Research

Customized Research

Our core offering is customized strategic market research and feasibility analysis. Projects focus on specific market entry or expansion opportunities in targeted industrial sectors. The scope and methodologies are designed in close collaboration with the client team and are setup on a stepped basis, limiting commitments to fees and expenses. Projects are thoughtfully designed to explore and deliver relevant commercial value based on client capabilities and specific needs. No project is too small or too large.


Example clients: Management, R&D Centers, sales teams, investors

Expert Interviews

Using PIM's network of over 1,000 industrial experts, we identify and arrange interviews with suitable contacts, develop an interview guide, translate, and summarize findings.  


Example clients: Managers with tight budgets having unique specific questions to answer - for them, primary and critical insights from the industry are most valuable.

Schedule for deliverables: 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the scope of work

Industry Briefings

Quick and affordable market or industry briefings providing an overview of market size and trends, the regulatory environment, main customer groups, competitor profiles, opportunities and challenges


Example clients: Managers with tight budgets who need quick turnover on key general market information that can be turned over quickly 

Schedule for deliverables: 2~4 weeks


Our commercialization services cover the whole process of product research and development, and at each stage we work closely with the client to explore the opportunities and risks. We answer key questions such as:

  • What are the market size and drivers?

  • What are the current technologies and unmet needs?

  • Can the new products attract the users in performance and possible costs?

  • What is the value chain composition?

  • How will the new products play in the value chain?

  • Who are the major stakeholders of the market?

  • Who could be the potential partners and how to approach them?

Market Opportunity Analysis

Our industrial or commercial market opportunity analysis includes:

  • Determination of the current China market size to establish present market value and trend data demonstrating rates of growth or decline

  • An in-depth analysis of the current domestic and international competitive climate

  • Current target market purchasing value chain analysis to determine the purchasing decision patterns and pathways for specific privately-held and government-owned industries

  • A review of current and pending government policies and regulations

  • Other specific special client requirements such as current regional labor rates, logistics services, warehousing and offices fees, industrial park infrastructure local transportation and utility tariffs


We incorporate branding services through proactive communication with clients' targets. Our effective methodology helps our clients get ready for rapid market entry and expansion rapidly, offering insights such as:

  • What is the brand perception among the users?

  • What is the brand value for the customers?

  • Do customers agree with the brand value?

  • What's the brand awareness of the competitors?

  • How to improve branding?

Strategic Planning

The development of a strategic expansion plan, and subsequent business plan, is critical for designing the pathway for successful market entry and expansion. The supporting market analysis provides the essential information to determine a realistic market position to strive for as well as pricing and probable margins.


The first element of the plan will be to decide on the methodology of the entry. In addition to the primary strategy will be specific sales elements regarding pricing, product modifications and other factors to provide the necessary edge for customer acceptance.


This is not a one-time process! Constant attention will need to be paid to new technologies entering the market, changes in government policies as well as alterations in competitors’ strategies. PIM provides support for creating all the elements of a strategic plan inclusive of ongoing market analysis.

Business Development

We help clients achieve business growth in China by utilizing appropriate sales resources, identifying the current distribution problems, establishing effective sales networks and building long-term strategic relationships with key accounts.

Business development projects may include:

  • Technology orientation to understand the property and value proposition of products

  • Understanding of the current sales channels 

  • Market review of current industry and market opportunities

  • Listing of the target customers, influencers and decision makers

  • Outreach to customers, influencers and decision makers

  • Development of market penetration plans to improve sales networks and develop sales strategy

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