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CAM Software Market Expansion in China

The Client’s Challenges
  • Low brand recognition of the client’s CAM software product

  • Machining market having a low reception rate to new CAM software providers



  • Analyze and qualify the current market context of China’s high-end medical devices CAM market

  • Identify and prioritize the potential sales opportunities

  • Provide strategic market access recommendations


Deliverables (7 Weeks)

  • Phase I: Market Context & prospective customer identification

  • Phase II: Identity and Survey potential sector customers



  • Over 170 telephone interviews to learn the overall needs and identify potential sales opportunities

  • Telemarketing training program for client’s technology staff for approaching potential customers 



  • The client’s staff acquired independent and efficient telemarketing skills

  • Professional sales’ follow up with the identified potential buyers with immediate needs

  • Established relationship with companies that had shown interests in client’s software 

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