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Our Focus

We have helped companies develop business pathways in China for the past 13 years, developing unique research methodology to solve problems and uncover opportunities efficiently in a wide range of industries, with an emphasis on:​
Component Materials
Component Materials

We have analyzed various component materials and their applications in different industries. Our analysts have backgrounds in material engineering and an understanding of terminology and technologies.

  • Metals

  • Inorganic non-metals

  • Organic polymers

  • Composite materials

Our analysis has helped clients launch new materials in the market and test the feasibility of a new material under development. We can also explore new opportunities in adjacent markets for mature materials.

Green Technologies

Green technologies refer to environmental friendly technologies that can achieve energy savings and pollution reduction. We have helped clients introduce technologies into China's market to cope with some of its environmental problems.

We have published several reports on opportunities in air, water and soils remediation, attracting attention from foreign and Chinese technology suppliers.

Machinery and Components.png
Machinery and Components

We have helped many machinery and components manufacturers develop their business in China. Our research scope includes advanced or precision machinery or components used for aerospace, automotive, mining, food processing, medical device and other industries.

Construction Materials

Our research covers several construction materials and the relative applications in different construction projects. We can explore market opportunities in potential segments, brand new products, map out value chain and establish relationships between clients and prospective customers.

  • Waterproofing materials

  • External wall decoration materials

  • Thermal insulation materials

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