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Who Are We?

Since 2005 PIM China has provided market opportunity analysis for entry and expansion into China’s industrial sectors. Our customized consulting services are designed to give commercial value to sustainable business planning. Our exclusive partner, Shanghai GOLY Management Consulting, conducts our in-depth licensed market research.  

​Our leadership has over 30 years of business development assignments in Asia, primarily focusing on China. Our researchers and analysts have advanced technical degrees or have completed graduate studies in economics and marketing.

With several years of field research and analysis in various industries, our PIM/GOLY project teams can readily learn the applications of our clients’ products and measure their fit for China.


Cross cultural competency
  • Deep understanding of the complexities of doing business in China

  • Thorough understanding of both western and Chinese business practices

  • Skilled in developing relationships for successful business transactions


Independent Objectivity
  • Offering objective driven analysis and action plans

  • Deliverables based on primary data and industrial insights

  • Meaningful commercial results without superfluous information


Close Collaboration and flexibility
  • Close collaboration with the client team for each project’s design and execution

  • Custom methodologies and project team flexibility to meet clients’ specific needs

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