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Green Technology Public Report Market Research

The Client’s Challenges

The client planned to publish a report, The China Green Tech Initiative, covering  China’s conventional and nuclear power grid infrastructure sectors, without the knowledge or resources to conduct the research



  • Provide a comprehensive review of emerging green technology market definitions, market sizes, customer needs, opportunities and challenges in China


Deliverables (two individual projects, 8 weeks each)

  • Phase I: Develop Project Plan

  • Phase II: Research & Analysis: market size of conventional energy, regulatory responses, existing and emerging solutions, key challenges to cleaner energy development in China and opportunities to accelerate market development

  • Phase III: Validate findings, write and publish final report



  •  Interviewed partners, strategic advisors and other industry experts, conducted 3  working sessions

  • Hosted selected final analysis on website for broader feedback & comments

  • Submitted final report in English & Chinese as well as all the interview notes and contacts’ information.



The client has published The China Green Tech Initiative as a public document

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