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SCADA for Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution

The Client’s Challenges
  • Mature producer of SCADA (Systems Control And Data Acquisition) equipment with no presence in China’s electrical power grids



  • Explore current uses of SCADA in China’s grid systems to find window of opportunity for the client’s systems


Deliverables (Four Weeks)

  • Phase I: Market assessment and competitor analysis

  • Phase II: Query grid management companies as to interest in alternative suppliers



  • Telephone and face-to-face interviews with grid management

  • Comparisons of current SCADA systems and client’s to determine operational  and cost differentials

  • Submitted analysis and conclusions to client



  • Although mature technology, client’s system was not significantly different in performance or cost than competitors

  • Recommended not entering into China’s grid market until significant performance differentials could be developed 

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