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Soils Remediation Market Entry

The Client’s Challenges
  • The client, a chemical reagents distributor, lacked sufficient market knowledge to enter China’s soils remediation segment

  • The client had no partners for entry collaboration



  • Evaluate opportunities and design effective market access approach options

  • Identify partners for market entry


Deliverables (8 Weeks)

  • Phase I: Market Context and Opportunities Review: regulatory environment, current soils remediation practices, decision making processes, the competitive situation and analysis of short and long term opportunities

  • Phase II: Potential Partnerships Building: identify possible partners, with offerings of technology, chemicals and/or project management



  • Uncovered 50+ potential customers

  • Sorted out 23 reagent patents

  • Interviewed 100+ players, including providers of domestic and foreign reagents, customers and competitors



  • Established relationships with 3 recommended partners

  • The client followed up with the identified potential customers

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