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Mining Machinery Market Expansion

The Client’s Challenges
  • Selling machines through an agent without understanding market needs or competitive landscape

  • The agent violated its agreement by selling pirated spare parts resulting in loss of revenue to client

  • The machines were not cost competitive as compared to other foreign competitors that were producing in China



  • Evaluate market dynamics and design strategy to best expand sates in China

  • Facilitate establishing a China sales office and warehousing of official spare parts

  • Advise on a China acquisition for local production


Deliverables (8 Months)

  • Phase I: Market Attractiveness Evaluation and Opportunities Review

  • Phase II: Facilitate establishing an Asia sales center in China

  • Phase III: Acquisition targeting



  • Interviewed 150+ industrial players and prioritized the targeted segments

  • Facilitated establishing the client’s sales and distribution company

  • Researched and evaluated 100+ possible acquisitions and facilitated opening negotiations with 3 of them



  • The client’s Asia sales and distribution center has been established

  • Negotiations with the selected acquisition targets are ongoing

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