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Machinery Manufacturer Commercial Due Diligence

The Client’s Challenges
  • The client was making a strategic acquisition on a China machinery manufacturing company without an independent and objective view of the target company’s China market position and development potential



  • Develop a complete profile of the target company’s position in China and growth potential

  • Advise on discovered findings and path forward


Deliverables (4 Weeks)

  • Phase I: Current market context coupled with supplier and customer surveys Phase II: Strategic assessment and recommendations



  • Interviewed the acquisition target's suppliers, customers and competitors

  • Evaluated the company’s market position by Michael Porter's Five Forces Model

  • Developed an independent and objective report and advised on strategic path forward for taking advantages of the combined resources of the client and the target acquisition to advance production efficiency and sales within China and for export markets



  • The client had a clear understanding of the target company’s current position and future potential in both Chinese domestic and export markets

  • Negotiations started with the target

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