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Machinery Components Sourcing Consulting

The Client’s Challenges
  • The client wants to identify main components’ suppliers in China for exporting or better serving the local Chinese customers

  • The client has little knowledge of the costs changes of major components, such as steel plate, suspension bar, wearing parts



  • Develop long-term supply relationships with Chinese suppliers and optimize the sourcing strategy in China


Deliverables (12 Weeks)

  • Phase I: Long list of potential suppliers and review of the costs changes of the studied components

  • Phase II: Review and recommendation of potential suppliers



  • Study and understand the technical and specification requirements

  • Categorize the products and study the value chain

  • Develop list of potential suppliers

  • Investigate the suppliers and obtain product quotations

  • Recommendation and facilitation of meetings



  • The client visited and qualified the selected suppliers, a new sourcing plan was built with the support of PIM

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